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Principal Investigator: Dr. Shima Shahab

Mary V. Jones Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, US, 2015

  • M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, US, 2013

  • B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, University of Kerman, Iran, 2004


Office in Blacksburg: 330 Norris Hall

Office in Arlington: Room 5-008, Virginia Tech Research Center (VTRC)

Lab in Blacksburg: 110 Norris Hall


Selected Honors and Awards

2023     Mary V. Jones Faculty Fellow (Deparment of Mechanical Enginnering)

2023     Gary Anderson Early Achievement Award (ASME)

2023     Engineering Faculty Organization Award (ICTAS at Virginia Tech)

2023     Rising Star Collection of Emerging Investigators (American Institute of Physics)

2022     National Science Foundaton CAREER Award

2021     Engineering Faculty Organization Award (ICTAS at Virginia Tech)

2020     Junior Faculty Award (ICTAS at Virginia Tech)

2019     Energy Harvesting Best Paper Award of the year (ASME)

2017     Engineering Organization Advisor Award (Virginia Tech Student Engineers’ Council)

2015     Second-place winner in the Student Paper Competition (ASME)

2015     Best Student Paper Award (SPIE/ASME)

2013     Leo Beranek Student Medal (USA Institute of Noise Control Engineering)

2012     Anne Robinson Clough Conference Award (Georgia Tech)

Graduate Researchers

Ahmed Sallam.jpg

Ahmed Sallam  


Ph.D., 8/19-present               Office: 309 Norris Hall  

Ahmed Nawaz Janjua.jpg

Ahmed Nawaz Janjua


Ph.D., 8/21-present              

Office: 305 Norris Hall  


Mihir Pewekar


Ph.D., 8/23-present              

Office: 309 Norris Hall  

Jiaxin Xi


Ph.D., 8/20-present               Office: 305 Norris Hall  


Ceren Cengiz

Ph.D., 8/22-present               Office: 309 Norris Hall    

Ceren Cengiz.jpeg

Shannon Brown


MSc., 8/23-present              

Office: 5-132 VTRC 

Moustafa .PNG

Moustafa Sayed Ahmed


Ph.D., 1/21-present              

Office: 305 Norris Hall  

Hrishikesh Kulkarni


Ph.D., 1/23-present               Office: 305 Norris Hall   


Mohammed Rasheed


MSc., 1/24-present              

Office: 305 Norris Hall 

Ph.D. Alumni with Dissertation

  • Dr. Vamsi Meesala, completed Ph.D. dissertation on "Nonlinear effects in contactless ultrasound energy transfer systems", 5/18-12/20. Current position: Packaging R&D Engineer at Intel Corporation.

  • Dr. Marjan Bakhtiari-Nejad, completed Ph.D. dissertation on "Dynamics of multi-functional acoustic holograms in contactless ultrasonic energy transfer systems", 8/16-8/20. Current position: Research Fellow at FDA, Division of Imaging, Diagnostics, and Software Reliability

  • Dr. Eric Dupuis, completed Ph.D. dissertation on "Electroelastic modeling and testing of direct contact ultrasonic clothes drying systems", 5/17-5/20. Current position: Mechanical Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, Undersea Sensor Group

  • Dr. Aarushi Bhargava, completed Ph.D. dissertation on “Dynamics of smart materials in high-intensity focused ultrasound fields”, 8/16-5/20. Current position: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Chicago, School of Medicine

M.S. Alumni with Thesis

  • Thomas Winnard, completed M.S. thesis on "Theoretical parametric study of through-wall acoustic energy transfer systems". 8/18-5/21. Current position: Application Engineer at Crystal Instruments.

Postdoc Alumni

  • Dr. Bhaben Kalita, Ph.D. from Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India. 2021

  • Dr. Zhaokuan Lu, Ph.D. from Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Virginia Tech. Current position: Research Scientist at Ningbo Research Institute of Dalian University of Technology. 2020-2021

  • Dr. Vamsi Meesala, Ph.D. from Engineering Mechanics, Virginia Tech. Current position: Packaging R&D Engineer at Intel Corporation. 2021

  • Dr. Ayoub Yari Boroujeni,  Ph.D. from Engineering Mechanics, Virginia Tech. Current position: Product Design Engineer at Apple Inc. 2017-2018

Undergraduate and K12 Researchers (present and past members)

  • Phoenix Lee, Senior undergraduate, ME

  • Neema Ahmadian, Freshman undergraduate, ME

  •  Shruti Das, Junior undergraduate, ME

  •  Harsha Chivaluri, Junior undergraduate, ME 

  • Ahmed Elnahhas, Senior undergraduate, ME

  • Ben Ailinger, Senior undergraduate, BEAM

  • Lee Jost, Senior undergraduate, BEAM

  • Evan Arents, Freshman undergraduate, ME

  • Emily Schanz, Junior undergraduate, ME

  • Jerry Stieg, Senior undergraduate, ME

  • Drew Biddell, Senior undergraduate, ME

  • Scott Gong, Senior undergraduate, ME

  • Jarrett Smith, Senior undergraduate, Hampton University

  • Neema Ahmadian, Blacksburg High School

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